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One of the most important things you do in Crypto is create a wallet. You want to make sure that no matter what wallet you choose that it is tried and true in the fact that it has a HIGH reputation and can be trusted. Most people will choose a wallet that they can use with a pay card of some type. There are a few important things one should know when setting up a wallet. 1. You should choose a reputable company. 2 You should screen shot the process as you go. 3. You should write your recovery key code down. (This code is normally 12 words, characters, and or numbers) These keys are NOT recoverable; once lost they are lost forever as so is what in your wallet. 4. Do NOT set up the wallets on a public wifi connections. Do not use them on public wifi either.

examples of good products

Some Good Examples of Wallet are:

Some Popular Wallet Apps


web platform made for simplicity

Easy to use platform that will help you create the best philanthropic causes simply and quickly. The system was design for the non technical person. its easy its fast its the type of community that will help each other. We promote each others causes to each other. People helping people with there passion and goals.

“ It was so easy to use what I never expected from a charity site.”

Kathy Keen Dr of Life

up2give kathy keen

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Cause Funding

Funding in multiple ways

You can potentially get funding for you cause within two weeks. The options to receive your funding in Crypto currency to Fiat is available through key service we promote. Getting the funding you need to accomplish your goals is important to you and to us.

“The options you need today

All payments are yours

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Cause Creation


Its all up to you. What drives you, What motivates you. Your cause is yours alone. Create and promote the most thing that drives your heart simply.

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Easy to use

Technology and systems and process that are easy and direct. Simple instruction for you to follow. A team that will help you create the best looking cause page within our environment. Its up to you the more you learn the better it gets.

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