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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

U2G Academy


One of the most important things we can ever give ourselves is education.

As children all we ever want to do is finish school. Little do we know that the very thing life is about if learning.

When we are in traditional school the lessons are catered to the courses that the system believe we should learn and retain. The funny thing is that life is far from most things that we learn.

Thats where our next learning starts. It starts right after we get out of school. We have to navigate through life getting bumps and bruises from all the things we did not learn. Extending our education through mentors, collections of experiences, and lessons is a faster way to the goal. This education can be extremely costly and difficult to acquire.

Up2Give Academy is designed to offer you all the extended education you want in many different areas. Some of those areas include entrepreneurship, soft skills, how to be a great leader and the list goes on. Leveling the playing field by offering extended education to all that are part of Up2Give.

Let’s all learn together!